Now-DNS Windows Updater Client

Windows Vista - Windows 10

Download (343kb)

Android Dynamic DNS Client

Try this free client which works well with our service. Set the "Update domain" to

Want to update your hostname with our API?

Now-DNSs Update API is based around many of the existing APIs for other DDNS services available today. and it's compatible with existing API based clients such as ddclient (example ddclient.conf).

How to retrieve your current IP

Your public IP can always be returned from the following url

For updates you should use one of the following URLs:
Or to specify a specific IP:
You must access these urls using your account credentials.

Windows Powershell


How about Linux and Cron?

We've got you covered. Set up a cron job with following command to be ran every 60 seconds
(Or however long you want):
curl -u <email>:<password> "<hostname>"

Mikrotik Routers

Take a look at our script here

IPv6 with perl (user contributed)

The response codes are as follows:

good update succeeded
nochg IP has not changed
nohost the host supplied is not valid for the given user
notfqdn the host supplied is not a valid hostname
badauth the credentials supplied are not valid